API Testing Designed for Kubernetes

Integration testing APIs can be complex. Code changes can introduce latency or outages, but testing everything with end-to-end environments is slow.

Use Speedscale to replay past traffic and get updates out the door with confidence.

Fast API Debugging

Understand what’s really happening with your API calls in the lower environments. Drill down into cookies, headers, and payloads for fast debugging. Filter and follow only the transactions you care about.
Traffic Viewer

Automate toil

We intelligently identify key parts of messages that can’t be reused and parameterize those fields. Values such as authorization tokens, timestamps, and unique IDs are replaced before replay. 

What you need, when you need it

Easily change the shape of the traffic replay with config files. Multiply traffic for load testing, validate field by field for integration testing, or introduce latency and non-responsiveness for chaos. No scripting required.
					test.speedscale.com/scenarioid: <scenarioID>
test.speedscale.com/testconfigid: <test config ID>

Kubernetes first

Use your same manifest files, just add an annotation.

Deep Technology Support

Common micro service protocols and databases can be observed and replayed.

Open source traffic replay tools are brittle and require lots of scripting. Let Speedscale’s framework handle the collection and replay of API calls.

					  "asserters": [
            "type": "http_statuscode"
            "type": "http_headers"
            "type": "http_response_cookies"
            "type": "http_response_body"

Automatic Assertions

Writing tests and assertions by hand is slow and time-consuming. APIs are great for programmatic automation.

Kubernetes APIs often don’t have UIs so conventional UI automation may not work!

Integration with CI

Connect replay of real-world scenarios to your CI tools for instant validation of new builds.

Replays can be configured for quick feedback upon commit, and longer, more thorough replays for PR’s/Deployments.

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Stress test your APIs with real world scenarios.  Collect and replay traffic without scripting.

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